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Frequently asked questions



Q - What are e-tickets?

Ans - An e-ticket (also known as electronic ticket or ETIX) is an electronically issued passenger ticket that is stored in the airline's computer system.

Flyme only issues e-tickets when you purchase a flight with Flyme (which you can print if you require a hard copy).

Q - Do I have to book online to receive an e-ticket?

No. All tickets issued by Flyme will be in the form of an electronic ticket (e-ticket). Our website is just one possible way of purchasing an e-ticket. E-tickets will also be issued for bookings made at, Flyme offices, contact centres and travel agents.

Q - How do i check-in using an e-ticket?

At check-in you need to present a form of identification or the booking confirmation provided to you when purchasing your ticket. We recommend that you carry a copy of the e-ticket receipt with you as you may need to present this to the airport security or the immigration authorities, depending on airport regulations.

Q – When do check-in counters open and close? 

Ans – Our check-in counters open 2 (two) hours prior to the scheduled time of departure and will close 01 (one) hour prior to the scheduled time of departure.


Booking Information

Q – How do i change or cancel my flight reservation?

Bookings can be changed or cancelled if fare restrictions permit.

To change your booking online, go to the 'Manage a Booking' tab on If your ticket can be changed online, you will be able to select new flights, and pay any change in fees online immediately. If your ticket cannot be changed online, we suggest you contact the nearest Flymes office. For a list of Flyme offices and ticketing agents go to

Q – Does passengers have to inform their onward connections at the time of making a booking?

Ans – To make your journey with us more convenient and comfortable, it is highly advised to provide your international or onward flight details during the time of booking to ensure we provide the best connections for your transfer with us.



Q – What are the requirements with regards to photo ID in domestic flights? 

Ans – Since 1st July 2004 Maldives Civil Aviation regulation requires passengers to provide a valid photo identification (Maldivian Identity Card / National Passport) when booking and check-in for domestic flights.


Baggage Allowance

Q – What is the free baggage allowance on Flyme? 

Ans – Baggage weight allowance will depend on ticket class and or destination, in general each passenger may carry 25 kg (twenty five kg) of checked luggage and 5 kg (five kg) of hand luggage free of charge.

For an exact weight allowance, please refer to your ticket.

Q – What is the excess baggage allowance on Flyme?

Ans – Flyme reserves the right to charge US $2.00 (United States Dollar Two) per Kg one-way for excess baggage. Special arrangements can be made for large groups and excess baggage if requested at least 72 hours in advance.


Special services 

Q- Are toilet facilities available on board all Flyme flights? 

Ans – Lavatory facilities are available on all Flyme aircraft.



Q – Are there any refund charges on Flyme tickets? 

Ans – Refund charges are applicable based on our fare type and ticket status.